Posted by: Drew | January 2, 2015

Day 2

Back to work today for a few hours after a good number of days mostly off. This time of year is tough to get in a rhythm, since there are few imminent events and the number of things needed to do per week don’t amount to a June day’s worth of work. Which in theory should mean that I’ve got more time to focus on getting habits made that will be hard to break.

Today I ran two miles at an easy clip. I felt a tiny twinge in my left foot that took me back a few weeks to that crap run, but it went away quickly and I breezed through the year’s day two. As the miles get back to something normal, I need to both stay consistent and also not get too excited too soon. Just keep getting out the door and spending time on my feet.

For the Columbus 10K, I spent some time this afternoon coming up with what I hope are nice tools for residents and businesses along the route to give them a good idea of the time frame their particular address will be affected. Hopefully with an increased level of comfort at what they’re facing from a traffic disruption standpoint they’ll be less likely to raise too many objections. Not that objections affect approval processes, but if we can show that we’re good partners to the community then it should help us grow.

Tomorrow is a Saturday group run with the Columbus Running Club and the final family Christmas. Here’s to another good day.

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