Posted by: Drew | April 21, 2008

The testimonial has been updated

If you want to check out the latest installment of my Living Testimonial, click on over to my entry at Five Keys Fitness.

Things have been moving right along recently.  This past week I’ve upped my high weekly mileage for 2008 (not that it’s much to write home about, but hey), and made April my biggest month since October ’07.  Yesterday, I ran an easy 6 miler, and things went very well.  My legs feel good right now, and I’ll be heading out for an easy 3 in a little while.  When things are good, they’re good.  Right now running feels very good to me and I plan on doing my best to keep it that way.  Which means not being too stupid, but also staying with a consistent plan.

Softball season starts for me this week, with a game on Thursday.  Starting next week, it will be games on Wednesday and Thursday through mid-July.  So running will have to fit around that little bit of recreation.  Thinking back to last year, I can easily fit in an easy 3 mile run after a game.  My only concern at this point is that it will very likely be 4 straight days of running, increasing to 5 straight days.  If I can figure out a way to shift the schedule a bit, I’d like to have some recovery time.  Maybe as the season closes down, I’ll be able to handle it.  For now, I’m not so sure.

I’ll update here later tonight with my current progress in the run out West.  For now, thanks for stopping by.  I’ll see you out there.

Update:  Through 112 days of 2008, I’ve run 128.8 miles.  Here is the updated graphic:

Today’s fun fact: I’m near Spiceland, Indiana, population 807.  Spiceland-area historical data shows that it sees 159% more tornado activity than the overall U.S. average.  The average commute for residents is 29 minutes (compared to 26 minutes as a national average).  And as of early 2007, there were no registered sex offenders living in Spiceland.  (It’s amazing what kind of weird crap you can find on the internet).


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