Posted by: Drew | April 13, 2008

Has it really been so long?

Life has been busy lately, and I’ve been more than a bit lax in updating things in my haunts around the internet.  My apologies to all one or two of you who actually visit.  🙂

Yes, I’ve been running.  The last three weeks I’ve been a pretty good model of consistency in getting back into the swing of things.  You can check out what’s actually happened at the usual place, my online running log, which you can find by clicking here.  If you want to check out the plan in place for this Spring, you can click here. 

And then there is the new addition to my online presence, my “living testimonial” I’m writing for Equivita.  Equivita, if you remember, is the place where I work out.  They’re helping me work towards my first marathon, the Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon on November 23rd.  I’m writing a year-long testimonial of how the staff at Equivita are helping me through the process, my ups and downs of training, and other general thoughts.  You can find this website by clicking here.  I’m pretty excited about this project, and I hope you can find time to stop by and tell me what you think (comments are welcome!).

Before I close this entry out, I have a little business to attend to.  Guinness74 over at Conspiracy of Happiness has tagged me to write my own six word memoir.  Here goes nothing:

Searching for truth, passion ever present.

I think it’s kinda tough to come up with a memoir at the age of 30, but I don’t think this is all that inappropriate.  Let me live two more lifetimes and then some, and give me a few more words to work with and I bet I come up with something a little better.  🙂

As is my custom, I decline to tag anyone going forward.  Mostly, because I don’t know all that many people online.  But I do appreciate the tag from Aaron (and hope that his leg is healing well).  Once I get around to it, I’m going to steal his running graphic he was using before his injury, which was a cool visual representation of his running mileage going across the country (this is a little simplified, check out his archives for more details).

I guess I also need to update a thing or two in the sidebar.  I’ll get to it. 

Thanks for stopping by.  See you out there.



  1. I still think you’re nucking futs to make the HHFMM your first…



  3. Kirsten & WSM,

    All I can hear with my ears is jealousy. I’ll be sure that Cheryl and the gang get any/all video of projectile vomiting.

    In my workouts, my trainer is making sure that by the time I get to November, the marathon will be a cakewalk. I can’t remember so many Friday nights where I could barely muster up the strength to stand.

    I can’t wait. Is it November, yet?

  4. Dude.

    Listen to Kirsten.

    And WSM.

    Just sayin.


  5. Trent, you shouldn’t let the flying monkeys use your login.

    Everyone who comes here knows darn well that only a broken leg will keep me from the start line.


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