Posted by: Drew | February 7, 2008

December update (a little late)

Here is the updated chart with December’s numbers (click to enlarge).

Dec chart


  • Goal: 25.5 miles
  • Actual: 8.8 miles (35%)

I spent most of the month voluntarily on the bench, letting my legs and feet heal.  I came back in the last week to finish off a 400-mile year.

The highlights of the month include:

  • A four-mile run on New Year’s Eve, which finished off a good year for me.

2008 will see training for my first marathon (November), the Race for the Cure 5k in May, and the Relay for Life also in May.  There may be additional races here and there, but nothing big is planned for now.

Thanks for stopping by. See you out there.



  1. *ahem* You’ve been tagged. And, have you not been running, or have you just not updated?

    I’ve been out with a broken ankle. Hopefully start a light jog in the next couple of weeks.

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