Posted by: Drew | December 11, 2007

November update

Here is the updated chart with November’s numbers (click to enlarge).

 November chart


  • Goal: 24.7 miles
  • Actual: 17.8 miles (72%)

First month since July I was “under budget”.  After this year, I think it’s okay.  I have unofficially run about six times as far this year than any previous 12 month period in my life.

The highlights of the month include:

  • Running a 5.5 mile run on November 17th in honor of Ryan Shay, who passed away at mile 5.5 of the men’s Olympic marathon trials.
  • Running in the freezing cold at the Flying Feather Four Miler.  Did I mention I was wearing shorts?!?

December has seen no running to date.  I’m officially off to heal until the 22nd, and all I’ll probably do between then and the end of the year is a few runs of 2-3 miles to start getting back into shape, and to crack the 400-mile barrier.  Awesome!

Thanks for stopping by. See you out there.



  1. I was in the port-a-john when they started the marathon. What I’m saying is…I don’t start at the tape.

  2. Hope you enjoy your rest and recovery period! What races do you have planned for 2008?

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