Posted by: Drew | October 31, 2007

Slowly returning to running

After the half, I finally got back on the road Monday evening, heading out for an easy two-mile run.  I still have some pain in my right foot, but it’s not debilitating and I got tired of sitting around doing nothing.  Yesterday I rested (not tired from the previous run, just tired in general), and today I’m not likely to get out and go due to Beggar’s Night.

I’ve decided on some very broad themes for 2008.  1st six months: speed.  2nd six months: marathon. 

There, I said it.  Now it has to happen.

Details and goals forthcoming, and hopefully more running soon.



  1. A plan is always good! I haven’t even run my first half yet, but I’m already thinking (generally) about what I might want to do afterwards …

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