Posted by: Drew | October 19, 2007


We all have varying systems of support that we utilize in our running life.  Some people have more than others.  I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people who understand what I’m going through, or are more than willing to say “go for it.”  That makes it easy for me to go out and feel good about striving to acheive.

I also utilize the online community at RunningAhead, where I log my runs.  I’ve found the people there to be very helpful, which is a nice compliment to those people that are in my everyday life. 

A message was posted to our training group’s forum recently from a user who felt she failed the group by not meeting the mileage in our group name (100 miles) for the year.  She asked, “if that’s not pathetic, what is it?”  The response from one of the other group members was stellar.  I had to post it here, I hope he doesn’t mind if he ever finds this corner of the internet.  Here you go…

What is it? It’s a goal to strive for. That’s all that 100 miles has ever really been.You’re an endurance athlete. Always remember that. You might not think of it that way, but it’s true. It takes vastly greater levels of emotional and mental, and even physical, endurance to push through what you’ve had to deal with and make it through the other side than does a simple training run when all seems right with the world.

We don’t look at your failures, we look at your accomplishments. We look at your goals; we help you plan them, cheer you when you meet them, push you when you’re starting to drop back, and even pick you up when you fall. If you don’t meet those goals, we help you take a step back, reevaluate, adjust the goals and the steps along the way, dust you off and send you back out there to try again.

This site, this community, it isn’t about a bunch of numbers. It’s about each other. It’s about supporting and cheering, and occasionally kicking each other in the pants to get us moving. It’s about the highs and lows of not just our running, but of our lives.

You didn’t “fail”. You set a goal, you missed. It happens, more often than not. Now, let’s figure out what your goals are now, and how you’re going to meet those goals.

I believe that everyone in my support system feels this way.  I hope you have people around you that would do the same.

Two days to launch. 


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