Posted by: Drew | October 18, 2007

The role of attitude in acheiving goals

Last night, our fall softball team won the league championship.  We took the semifinal game 12-0, and the final 9-5.  When things got tough for some guys, others stepped up and performed.  It was great to be a part of a team with a great attitude.

This Sunday, attitude will be key to me in completing the half.  I’ve set up a tiered performance based goal system for this race.

  • Bronze: Finishing the race
  • Silver: Finishing the race in less than 2:15
  • Gold: Finishing the race in under 2:00

As you can see, I’ve structured these goals so that I really can’t lose.  This being my first true distance race, I think this is important.  I’d really like to go sub-2:00, but if it’s apparent to me at mile 9 that it’s not going to happen I’d know I’m mentally strong enough to keep going and do the best I can do. 

Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be able to go to sleep on Sunday night able to say something for the first time in my life.  “I’m a half marathoner.”

I’m thinking that’s going to sound pretty good.  See you out there.



  1. You are ready! Hang on to that attitude. I am very proud of you & excited for you! I can’t wait!!!

  2. Congratulations on your softball success.

    Re: the 1/2 – Sounds like a wining strategy all the way around! 🙂

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