Posted by: Drew | October 9, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 10: a recap

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 11.8 (excuses aside, this week sucked)
  • Monthly: 11.8
  • Yearly: 337.4


Scheduled for 5 easy miles.  After my long run on Sunday, I had my lovely wife (licensed massage therapist) give my muscles a good working over.  I had a bit of tenderness in my right Psoas major, one of the hip flexor muscles.  To find yours, stand up and pick up one of your legs so that you’re standing on one leg with the other parallel to the ground.  The muscles you used to lift your leg up are your hip flexors, and one of these was giving me issues.  Running, it was no problem.  But when I slowed to walk or move on the couch, it was quite painful.  Unfortunately, a full-body massage after an 11 mile run is a great recipie for soreness, and I didn’t run today.  Mostly because it hurt to walk.


Scheduled for a 45-minute tempo run.  I was still pretty sore from the run and massage on Sunday, so I decided that five miles of tempo run would be good enough for me.  After a mile or so, my leg refused to loosen up.  I decided I’d stop at the “halfway” point and visit family for a few minutes to let my leg rest.  A few minutes turned into 30, but I eventually got back out on the road and headed home.  I knew my run would be short of five miles, and it ended up being 4.44.  But on the bright side, I did complete it in 38:41 for an average pace of 8:43.  So I was did a small bit of convincing myself that there is still a bit of speed in my legs.


Scheduled rest day and softball. I played two games of softball (let’s not talk about it), and called it a day.  My legs felt better before the game, but the quick side-to-side motions of playing ball aggravated the injury and I was hurting after the game.


Scheduled for 3 easy miles plus strength training. I had a moderate workout at Equivita, and planned on running later, but I ended up scheduling a meeting after my workout and didn’t get home until 9:30.  No running tonight.


Scheduled rest day.


Scheduled for five miles at race pace.  My leg was still sore (what the heck?), and I was exhausted from the work week I’d completed.  I decided to rest rather than push.  Have I taken this whole “I’m not going to fret about missed workouts” thing too far?


Scheduled for a 12 mile long run.  Long story short: my wife’s grandma is quite ill and we took a 2-hour drive to go visit.  It was a mentally draining day, but when we got back I decided to do five miles.  My leg was feeling better, and I wanted to do a little negative split experiment.  (I don’t have my exact splits in front of me, but…) My first mile felt okay at about 9:40.  My second mile loosened up my legs and I ran it in about 9:15.  My third mile was probably the best feeling, completed in something around 9:00 flat.  During the fourth, I was (finally) running hard enough to have to think about my breathing, and while it was uncomfortable at first it never got terrible.  I finished this mile in about 8:45.  The last mile I just kept pushing hard.  My legs felt okay, but my breathing was a bit labored.  Finishing the last mile in 8:15, I set a personal PR at the five mile distance in 45:23.  The average pace of 9:05/mile is just faster than what I’ll need to reach my goal of sub-2:00 on October 21st.  I’m still not convinced it’s possible, but I’m going to attack it with a plan.

I’m not happy with how this week went, but sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we want.  I know I’ll be happy with whatever happens in the half, so I’m not going to worry about it all that much.  There will be more opportunities in the future for personal records and the such.  I have some other goals in mind for the long term, and I’ll be around for awhile.

12 days until the Columbus Half Marathon. 

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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