Posted by: Drew | October 1, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 9: a recap

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 22.6 (again… not bad for missing two days)
  • Monthly: 85.1
  • Yearly: 325.6


Scheduled for 5 easy miles.  My legs were sore, my mind was unwilling, and this turned into a mental run as compared to a physical one.  I did a 2.5 mile out and back course, with 2-3 minutes of walking at the turnaround point to rest my legs.  Final time of 52:02, for an average 10:25 pace.  Mile splits were 10:20 / 10:26 / 10:52 / 10:17 / 10:07.  I finished strong, and as my legs loosened up, the running certainly became easier.


Scheduled for 9×400 at 5K pace.  You can see the details of the workout here, but I can tell you that I was pretty pleased with this speed session.  It’s been a while since I’d done a track workout, and this was my first one since I’d adjusted my goal 400 time from 2:00 to 1:45.  As you can see in the log (go ahead, click it… you know you want to), with the exception of the second leg, I nailed every interval within three seconds of 1:45.  I think if I was pressed, I could probably knock the goal down about 5 seconds, but I’ll leave it here until after the half.  I made it home five minutes before a huge thunderstorm, so I’ll say that the faster intervals saved me from getting drenched.


Scheduled rest day and softball. I played two games of softball (let’s not talk about it), and called it a day.  No missed Tuesday workout to make up.


Scheduled for 3 easy miles plus strength training.  I had a moderate workout at Equivita, and planned on running later, but changed my mind as the night progressed.  Pain didn’t change my mind, I just decided that rest was the best option.


Scheduled rest day.  Had I known at the time that Saturday was scheduled rest as well I would have run the easy three from yesterday.  But I didn’t look at the schedule.


Scheduled rest day.  In the original training plan, there was supposed to be a 15-K race on Sunday (which I eliminated to create a mini-taper and due to a noted lack of 15-K races in the area) so there was the pre-race rest.  When I adjusted the schedule, I left the rest day.  There was a good Living and Learning Fair at Equivita, which I attended for a few hours, and there was plenty of good football on television.  Rest it is!


Scheduled for an 11 mile long run. I figured (again) I’d do two mid-town loops (4.5 miles) and then run an out and back of the first mile of the loop.  I also pre-planned walk breaks at the 2 and 4 mile markers of the loop (to be done each lap).  I wasn’t happy about the walk breaks, as I’m a bit prideful in running non-stop.  But as we learned in Sunday School, pride is a sin.  So I swallowed my pride and resolved to walk.  I didn’t want a repeat of giving up with a mile to go like last week.

I’d also decided to try GU with this run, rather than use the Sport Beans I had left over from last week.  I purchsed two packets of the Strawberry Banana GU, and sucked one down 15 minutes before I headed out.  It wasn’t terrible, and didn’t leave that funny taste in my mouth like the beans did.  The other packet was stashed in my pocket to take at about the halfway point.  I didn’t notice any perceptible “jump” from the GU like I did with the beans last week, but I felt fine and didn’t have any stomach cramping either, so I’m declaring GU the winner in the race.  I’ll try it again next Sunday and make a final call for what to do in the half marathon.

Oh yeah… the run.  Overall, not too bad.  I fought off a side stitch for the last three miles, and actually ended up walking a bit more than I wanted.  But I finished the 11.27 miles in 2:00:29 (or four minutes faster than it took Haile Gebrselassie to set the world record in the marathon in Berlin that same morning) with an average pace of 10:42 (that’s with walking). 

Not a bad week at all. Mileage was consistent with the week before, but I will need to step it up a little in order to meet my 2:00:00 goal on October 21st.  (I stand by this statement from last week)

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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