Posted by: Drew | September 25, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 8: a recap

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 21.3 (not bad for missing two days)
  • Monthly: 62.5
  • Yearly: 303.0


My legs felt tired after my 9-miler on Sunday, but I felt it would be good to get out and shake out the soreness.  My schedule called for 4.5 easy miles, so I went out at 7:30 and did just that (that’s PM for those that don’t know me well, I’m not an AM runner).  My pace was supposed to be 10-10:15/mile, but I ended up running easy and still turning 9:27 average


Scheduled for a 40 minute tempo run.  As has been the norm lately, life got in the way and I didn’t fret about it.  There are enough other things to worry about in life to add stuff like this to the list.


Scheduled rest day and softball. I played two games of softball (we won both again), had some pizza and beer, and went out for “yesterday’s” 40 minute tempo run.  I ran the loop around mid-town (4.5 miles) and felt generally… well, like I’d just eaten greasy pizza and beer.  My legs were loose and felt good, but nausea was a constant issue for the entire second half of the run, finally subsiding about 30 minutes after the run.  Hopefully, I will learn from these experiences and not try to make up Tuesday runs on Wednesday after pizza and beer.  Knowing me, it may take a roadside wretch to learn that lesson.


Scheduled for 3 easy miles plus strength training. I know I wouldn’t be home until 9 or 10, so I was administered a wicked leg workout at Equivita.   Squats, leg press, and deadlifts… oh my!  Running was not an option later.


Scheduled rest day.


Scheduled for 5 miles at race pace.  We spent the day running from place to place watching football games and playing cards.  Another day bagged.  On the one hand, I’m slightly worried at the multiple dropped workouts in the last few weeks.  On the other, I’m not competing for any world records in the upcoming half, and I know I’ll be able to finish.  By not making my running stressful to me, I’m helping to ensure that I’ll keep up with it.  That is my long-term goal.


Scheduled for a 10 mile long run.  I figured I’d do two mid-town loops (4.5 miles) and tack on another mile around the neighborhood to make ten full.  I purchased some Jelly Belly Sport Beans during the week, and ate six before heading out.  The first mile or two was a little sluggish (as usual), but I really felt the energy boost after about 25 minutes out of the door.  I was turning steady 10:00 miles during the first loop, and felt good about the prospects of keeping it up throughout.  I popped a few more beans at varied intervals through miles 4-6, and started to get a mild stomach cramp at about mile 6.5 or so.  Based on my morning thus far, I’m more inclined to attribute it to a lack of food than anything else.  I’d had some cinnamon rolls earlier in the morning, but nothing substantial to help fuel the run.  My hunger began to eat away at my energy, and my mental strength began to crumble.  I remember thinking shortly before mile 9 that “if this is how long distance running feels, screw it.”  I knew the thoughts weren’t “real”, but a result of the sum of events that created a bad run (everyone has them, right?).  I was tired, still had stomach cramps, had muscle aches from my workout on Thursday, and hot (did I mention I went out in the high-noon sun?).  I called it a day at mile nine, and went home.  I felt good about my decision, though upon seeing my overall pace (10:23/mile), I would have liked to finish ten.  But I’m not letting that keep me down.

Not a bad week at all.  Mileage was consistent with the week before, but I will need to step it up a little in order to meet my 2:00:00 goal on October 21st.

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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