Posted by: Drew | September 11, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 5: a recap

Been on vacation, so the next few updates will catch you up to speed.  Try and keep up, will ya?!?

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 9.1 (going the wrong way, brother)
  • Monthly: 77.6
  • Yearly: 240.5


Scheduled for easy 4, so I went out for a late run at 8:40 PM.  The furthest part of my out/back course I had set up crosses over a railroad track, and it happened that a train was crossing as I was waiting, so I tried to create a modified 4-mile course.  It only ended up being 3.82, but was still a pretty good run.  Shooting for 10:00-10:15 miles, hit 9:58 average.  Feeling very good about my pacing.


Scary moment.  Long story short, I thought I broke my foot when I got home from work.  I was putting on my shoes to do my track workout and the top of my left foot started to hurt wicked bad.  I thought maybe I’d just tweaked a muscle a little, so I went down to the track for my workout.  I limped 250 meters around the track and knew that I wouldn’t be able to do the workout without further damage, so I bagged it and headed home.  I iced/elevated/etc that night, and it eased the pain a bit. 


Scheduled rest day. Foot still was sore a bit, but slowly feeling better.  Convinced it probably wasn’t a stress fracture, but still concerned for the cause.


Scheduled for three easy miles and strength. Foot was feeling much better now.  Talked to the fine folks at Equivita, and they suggested it might be from tying my shoes too tightly (which they didn’t know I’d been doing for the last seven days or so).  I went home, figured out I definitely needed longer laces.  So until then, I was going to use my older Adidas shoes.  As I said, my foot was feeling better and the workout didn’t wreck my legs this week, so I strapped in for an easy three.

As I hit the road for my warmup, I couldn’t help but notice the wonderful temperature (69 degrees) and the itchy legs from not having any fast running in the last two weeks (since I missed my track session two days earlier).  I decided that I’d make this a medium/hard 5-K instead of an easy 3.  A mile into the run, I was feeling great so I decided to go for a 5-K PR and push the whole way.  Around mile 2 I started to feel like I wanted to mentally and physically fade, but I told my brain and legs to suck it up and keep going.  They did, and I set a new 5-K PR of 23:55, considerably faster than my 25:31 earlier in the summer. 

My goal for the 5-K in 2007 was to break 24:00.  Based on my July time of 25:31 and my HM-specific training, I wasn’t confident I’d make it.  I hadn’t looked at my watch the whole run, and was expecting to see something like 25:10 or 24:50.  When I saw 23:55, I was shocked, elated, and extremely proud of myself.  To top it all off, my foot felt like a million bucks.


Scheduled rest day.


Scheduled for 3 miles at race pace. Life (and Buckeye football and pre-vacation planning) got in the way, and this became a rest day.


Scheduled for a 8 mile long run. An out-of-town family reunion and more pre-vacation planning made this another rest day.  But I knew the week ahead would provide plenty of time for some hill running, and a special treat on Saturday.  So I didn’t fret.

Fun week to follow, with the hills of middle-Tennessee beckoning my rookie legs.  How fun!

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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