Posted by: Drew | September 11, 2007

August update

Here is the updated chart with August’s numbers (click to enlarge).

August chart


  • Goal: 25.5 miles
  • Actual: 77.6 miles (304%)

August… was… huge.  Structured training began, and it rocked.  There were a few minor flips and flubs, but mostly it was getting out and running in the extreme heat and humidity.  Hopefully this does wonders for my overall fitness, cause it’s certainly not fun.

The highlights of the month include:

  • IT band not being an issue this month.  Regular warm-up and cool-down combined with icing and semi-regular massages have helped my legs stay loose.
  • Meeting my 5-K goal for 2007, running a sub-24:00 race.  Sure, it wasn’t a race, but I did meet my time goal so it works for me.
  • Allowing my brain to be okay with an unscheduled day off.  It happens sometimes.  Don’t fight your body… listen.

September is scheduled to be even bigger, with lots of training including a stint in Nashville, TN.

Thanks for stopping by. See you out there.


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