Posted by: Drew | August 20, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 3: a recap

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 18.6
  • Monthly: 53.7
  • Yearly: 217


Scheduled for 3.5, but neglected to check the schedule and only ran 3 easy miles.  The temperature finally broke and the run at 8:20 PM was a cool 69 degrees.  This screwed with my perceived exertion rate, and what was supposed to be around 30:00 or so for 3 miles ended up being a nice 28:10.  This felt good, despite the slightly picked up pace.


See this post for my recap of the track workout.  The interval times will need to be adjusted going forward.


Rest day, and softball. We lost our playoff game, so now we’re done until fall ball starts on the 5th.


Scheduled for three easy miles and strength. Worked out at Equivita at 5:30, rested for a bit, and went for my run at 9:15.  Finished in 31:13 for a 10:25 average per mile.  It was humid and 79 even that late at night, and this run was not hard but not as easy as I’d hoped.


Scheduled rest day.


Scheduled rest day.


Scheduled for a 5-K race.  But there were no races today, and I didn’t feel like paying for one on Saturday (nor did I have the time on Saturday).  So Cletus and I planned on a 5-K at Griggs.  We met at about 7:30 last night, and he wanted to finish in under 30:00 so I said I’d pace him again.  The “out” portion of the course we completed in 15:20, so I picked up the pace a bit and I finished in 29:24 (Cletus 19 seconds behind for his fastest 5-K time ever.  Nice job, dude!)

Overall, a much easier week than the one before.  That said, this upcoming week will be right back to the grind, with at least 21 miles on the schedule (which will probably turn into 25-28 with warmups, etc).

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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