Posted by: Drew | August 13, 2007

Half Marathon Training Week 2: recap

Mileage totals:

  • Weekly: 24.2
  • Monthly: 39.1
  • Yearly: 202


Scheduled for three easy miles.  Did my (now normal) Main Street to Davidson route at 9:45 PM, and finished in 29:59.  With the humidity, this felt a little uncomfortable but I did it.  Iced and rehydrated upon my return.


Scheduled for a three mile tempo run.  As noted in the previous entry, Higdon’s plan calls for peaking at 10-K pace about 2/3rds into the run for about 2-3 minutes.  I did this run right after work, and 92 degree heat and high humidity made me regret it.  I pushed the pace (and effort) suitably to match the design, and was forced to a walk after my hard pace.  In retrospect, I should have backed the intensity down or pushed the run back to later in the day.  Don’t be a slave, and be smart. 


Rest day, and softball.  We won our game, but even with a 9:15 start this was probably about as hot as I can remember it being for a game.  Everyone was dripping with sweat, players and fans alike.  Our playoffs are this week, and hopefully we do well.


Scheduled for three easy miles and strength.  Worked out at Equivita at 5:30, and completely exhausted (destroyed) my back, shoulders, and arms.  As my trainer said, “you don’t need those muscles to run, right?”  I waited until 9:45-ish (cooled to 74 degrees!) to begin, and apparently this affected my perceived exertion scale compared to the past two weeks.  I was passively aiming for 10:00/mile pace.  I say passively because I was not using the watch to monitor, just going by effort and feel.  When I crossed the “finish” line, I saw that I’d completed three miles in 27:41.  I went the same distance as I had during Tuesday’s ill-fated tempo run, it felt easier, and yet I went at a faster overall pace.  Many factors (rest, temperature, time of day, etc) played into this result, and I’ll be sure (or so I say) to keep this in mind for later.


Scheduled rest day, so I did.  I felt like I could have gone out for a bit, but I had no compulsion to do so.  As I’m up to five running workouts a week, I’ve learned to value rather than abhor my rest days.


Scheduled for three miles at (goal) race pace.  I’m shooting for sub-2:00 in October, so my pace will be right around 9:00/mile.  I was aiming for 9:00-9:15 over three miles, and I ended up with 8:30-8:45 miles.  It was sunny, in the middle of the afternoon, and my shins felt slightly sore for the first two thirds of the run.  Despite this, I felt pretty good in finishing in 26:01.  I did not strain at all.  I suppose that is one “danger” in starting the watch and not looking again until I’m done: I’m pushing the training a little more than necessary.  Perhaps it’s worth a glance at the mile markers to adjust to goal pace?  Something for me to think about.


Setting more “long” run distance records.  Today was my first six mile non-stop run in my life.  Cletus came over and we went out on the (modified) Main Street to Davidson course.  I knew this run would be a little slower than anticipated (heat, distance, running with Cletus), but didn’t care as long as I finished.  We started out turning 11:30 miles, and gradually slowed to a greater than 12:00/mile pace.  We finished six miles in 1:11:54 (just under 12:00/mile overall pace).  This felt slow, but at this stage in “the game” where I’m a complete novice, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  There will be plenty of time later in life (like if I want to attempt a BQ time) to hammer out some sub-50:00 six milers, but today was about learning and accomplishing.  Over an hour of non-stop running felt pretty awesome.  When we finished and were cooling down, walking felt very foreign.  Then I went and shoveled half a truck bed full of dirt into my lawn.  All that, and I still feel pretty good today.

Thanks for stopping by, wave as you drive by the running dude late at night.


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