Posted by: Drew | August 1, 2007

July update

Here is the updated chart with July’s numbers (click to enlarge).

July chart


  • Goal: 25.5 miles
  • Actual: 23.4 miles (92%)

July was a slow month, my last “unstructured” month before my half-marathon training begins (started July 30th).  There was a vacation this month, and some extended periods of not much running.
The highlights of the month include:

  • A lot more walking than previously expected.  In addition to some walks with my wife after dinner, I also incorporated brisk walking into my warmup routine towards the end of the month.  But the main reason for more walking?  My IT band was bothering me for much of the month.  I finally had a very painful massage done on 7/30 to loosen the IT band and break up some knots in my quads.  Hopefully this will not be an issue.
  • Setting a new mile PR in the second mile of a two-mile training run.  7:14, the fastest I’ve run in over fifteen years.
  • “Discovery” that warming up and cooling down after a run does a lot to help the run (and recovery) go smoothly.  It’s a little embarassing that this concept has taken so long to get through my thick skull, but what can you do?

August is scheduled to be my biggest month yet, with roughly 70 miles on the docket.  Scary, but doable.  Bring it on!

Thanks for stopping by. See you out there.



  1. Hi there, I was tag surfing and saw the Columbus Blue Jacket Avatar and had to stop by…good luck with your training for the half! (I am training for the full)

    I learned the hard way just recently myself that warmups and cool downs play a very important part of the whole running thing…and there they say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks! 🙂

    Again, good luck and see you out there!

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