Posted by: Drew | July 9, 2007

June update

Here is the updated chart with June’s numbers (click to enlarge).

June chart


  • Goal: 24.7 miles
  • Actual: 33.8 miles (137%)

June was yet another learning month.  In increased my monthly mileage yet again, but did so in fewer workouts.  How?  With almost 40% of my monthly mileage in an 18-hour period, it wasn’t hard.

Highlights of the month include:

  • Running with my team (The Procrastinators) in the Hilliard Relay for Life (American Cancer Society).  I did 13 miles during the 18-hour event, and had a blast with our friends while raising some money for a great cause.
  • During the Relay for Life, Cletus and I won a 400 meter 3-legged race.  Teamwork pays off! 
  • Crushing my previous 5k PR on June 2nd.  I didn’t feel like 30:14 was nearly up to my standards, so I went out on a Saturday night and hammered out a 25:31 personal record.  It hurt, but only a little.  This means I can go faster, right?
  • I developed a hate relationship with my IT band on my left leg.  I tried a few times this past month to get up early and run, and each time I ran before noon I had issues with my IT band flaring up.  It doesn’t help that I don’t warm up as thoroughly as I should.  Every day is a learning process.
  • Keeping all but three of my runs this month to a 9:00/mile pace or slower.  Oddly, my aches and pains seem to occur more often when I run slower than when I go hard.

July is my last “unstructured” month before beginning training for the half marathon to be run in October.  Hopefully things continue on the good path. 

Thanks for stopping by. See you out there.


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