Posted by: Drew | May 15, 2007

5/12 and 5/14 runs

Despite my wishes to run every day, I’m trying to be very good about safely and steadily increasing mileage.  I don’t like being injured, however slight.  And if taking a day or so after every run is what it takes to keep me out on the road, I’m willing to sacrifice.


I got up Saturday having not run in over 72 hours.  Needless to say, if two days is pushing my ability to hold off, three was driving me up a wall.  So I decided to head out to one of the local middle school tracks and do a little bit of speed work.  I know I promised myself that I’d wait until July or so to resume these types of workouts, and apparently (in hindsight) I forgot about that.  In any event…

I planned out my workout beforehand.  Brisk walk for 1 lap to warm up, one mile at a relatively easy pace (8:15-8:30), then four repeats of 200 meter walk followed by a hard 200 meter run.  My legs were feeling good, and I just wanted to hammer physically and train my mind to work through the anerobic issues.

My quarter mile splits for the mile were: 2:18, 2:07, 2:02, and 1:59.  I walked the next half lap to get to the 200 meter start line.  When I hit the line, I had the music cranked and pulled off a 33.57 200.  Since it was my first one, I felt pretty good during the walk cool down.  The second I did in 32.78, and by the end of the third (32.58) I was feeling seriously gassed.  Perfect!!  In the past, I would have said to myself, “well, you’ve gotten tired… time to quit.” 

Not this time.  I caught my breath just in time, and lit out for the finish line.  Fourth rep was 33.68.  It was the slowest of the four, but I still think it’s pretty good.  No complaints.  A great workout, and I’ll try to keep these under wraps until July.  We’ll see how that works out for me. 


I wanted slow miles last night, and I got them in more ways than one.  If I hadn’t had time constraints, I was looking to do four plus last night, but as it stood I did my 2.91 mile loop.  I took it out nice and easy, and it felt like anywhere between a 9:30-10:00 mile pace.  As I ran past my aunt’s house (after about one mile), she happened to be pulling in her driveway.  So I stopped and chatted for a few minutes.  Nothing like a little break to refresh your run!

I headed back out, and as I turned back on the main drag the sun was right in my eyes.  Perhaps sunglasses would have been in order?  Not last night, but probably for next time.  Overall, I felt pretty good afterwards.  I had a little issue in my gait when I was running very slowly, but I modified my form and things were back to normal.

I’ll probably head out either tomorrow morning or on Thursday in a final preparation for the Komen 5k this Saturday.  I’m setting a soft goal time of sub-30:00.  I know I can do much better than that, but with 35,000 people running with me it will be a bit difficult to push hard in the cramped quarters.  I’d rather enjoy myself.

See you out there!


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