Posted by: Drew | May 9, 2007

Catching up on the best seven day period in 29+ years

The seven day period including today is the most mileage I have done in my life (in that time frame).  On one hand, my brain says, it’s only 11.4 miles (this part of my brain loses the argument, in case you were wondering).  On the other, I’m proud as heck of my accomplishment!

Two months ago, I was averaging around 5 miles per week.  Two months from now, who knows?  20-25?  We’ll see.


On Monday, Jerry and I went back to Griggs down by the Scioto River to attempt a drier run on the 5k course we’d measured out.  I asked him what his goals were, and he said “no walking, and completed in under 30 minutes.”  I told him to lead (so I didn’t break him on the pace), and we’d see how it went.  We didn’t have exact mile markers, but I knew roughly where the points would have been.  Averaging about 10 minutes a mile, I knew we’d be cutting his goal time close. 

At the turnaround, I felt great.  If I can hold this type of pace (9:30-10:00), I feel very comfortable about increasing distance in preparation for longer races.  There was no struggle in my aerobic capacity at all.  Okay… back to the run.  We were coming down the hill a little over a half mile from the finish, and I suggested picking up the pace a bit.  For better or worse, we didn’t pick it up all that much.  I called out time remaining to the goal time a few times in the next couple of minutes, and it was apparent that we weren’t going sub-30:00 today.  But no matter.  I was sticking with him to the end, and maybe pull him along a little.  The last 400 we did our kick and probably got down to a 8:30 pace.  We crossed the line at 31:08, a new PR for us both at the 5k distance.  

I was pleased with the run, and confident that when I decide to actually race a 5k (the Komen 5k on the 19th may not be the best event for a true race as it’s very large, 35,000+ participants) I will crush that time.  My “out loud” goal time for the Komen is sub-30:00.  My “out loud” goal time for a 5k where I’m able to run hard is sub-27:00.


I actually got up early (for me, it was 7:00 AM) this morning and hit the road for 1.8 miles.  I wasn’t trying to break any land speed records this morning, just getting out and putting a few easy miles in.  I completed the course in 15:50.  I felt okay, the muscles in my calves felt a little stiff (and maybe still asleep).  I’ll be trying to do this more often to avoid the heat and humidity of Ohio evenings, so we’ll see how further “testing” goes.

Komen Race for the Cure in 10 days.


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