Posted by: Drew | May 4, 2007

Week of 4/30 update

I’ve got the Cinco de Mayo Cuatro Miler coming up tomorrow.  I’m excited, and I want to run a billion miles between now and the end of the weekend.  But I’ll settle for four.  I’ll be taking today off to rest the legs, and head out tomorrow to run a controlled race.  I want to do well, but I refuse to be stupid (that’s what I’m saying now!)

From my log regarding my Monday run

Itching to get out and give myself an “introduction to track workout” workout:

Walked a lap around the track to warm up. Ran one-mile straight at a controlled pace (tried to go negative splits each lap, but not too much acceleration). Then 200-meter walk recovery, 400-meter hard (repeat this sequence twice). I was going to do this three times, but it was getting dark, and as I was walking with my wife on the last walk she mentioned she was having a bit of ankle pain. So I walked that 200 after the second 400 and then ran one last 200. Times are as follows:

Mile lap 1: 2:12
Mile lap 2: 2:12
Mile lap 3: 2:05
Mile lap 4: 1:59
200 meter walk: 2:03
400 meter hard: 1:34
200 meter walk: 2:01
400 meter hard: 1:21
200 meter walk + 200 meter hard (forgot to hit the lap button on the watch!): 2:54

This is the first time I’ve done measured purposeful intervals, and I know that for many a true track workout would include more repetitions. But given the time of day and my relative newness to running very hard, I was taking it easy today (at least in the rep sense) to learn what it’s all about. Maybe including one of these every week or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. We’ll see.

And then…

Last night I went out and ran the Rails to Trails, the 2.52 mile out and back route I’ve done a few times.  My intent was to run this slow and easy.  I ran the out with about a 6 effort on the 1-10 RPE (rating of perceived exertion) scale.  I was figuring this to be at about a 9:00/mile pace or so, and when I clicked the watch at 1.26 miles it said 11:01 (8:45/mile pace, my legs were faster than my brain). 

I turned around, and tried to maintain the same exertion level.  I did for about a half mile.  Then I realized I wanted to eat (it was past 7:30, I was hungry), and also wanted to sit on my butt.  So I picked it up a little.  Nothing too strenuous, just a little bit of a lengthened stride.  The last 400-600 meters, I kicked and the last 100 or so I went all out.  I hit 10:21 on the way back, for an 8:13/mile pace.  Still not smoking or anything.  I felt good afterwards, and will take tonight off to rest.


I’m going to be looking to increase my mileage (not speed) beginning this week.  It will be a slow, steady process.  But I’d like to be up to approximately 25 miles per week by mid-July.  This will put me at about 12 weeks out from the half marathon, and I can begin an earnest training plan to do well.  My main focus will not be speed in this build-up, but rather in getting more miles under my shoes.  And of course, if something goes wrong I’ll be amenable to change (I hope).

See you out there!


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