Posted by: Drew | May 4, 2007

April update

Here is the updated chart with April’s numbers (click to enlarge).

April chart


  • Goal: 24.7 miles
  • Actual: 18.6 miles (75%)

Okay, so April wasn’t all I hoped it would be.  I had some longer than anticipated layoffs due to minor overuse twinges and pains, but I think I learned a few things as well. 

  • My run on 4/23 that was at an easy pace of 9:38/mile.  I really focused on keeping it easy, and I felt great not only during the run but also the next day.  This hasn’t always happened after an almost 3-mile run.
  • My little track workout on 4/30 is something I’d like to do on a semi-regular basis, but I may save this for when I have a bit more of a base.  My 5-6 miles per week need to increase a little before strides come in to play, I think.
  • It’s getting warmer outside, and I seriously need to consider waking up earlier and running in the morning.  It’s been okay this week when it’s in the high 60’s, but very soon that will be the overnight low.  I tend to sweat like a pig running in 70+ temps, and I’d rather avoid that if possible.  Or if I do, at least I won’t be taking two showers per day and I can kill two birds with one stone.  This will be a tough goal to acheive, but a very rewarding one if attained.
  • I’m currently playing catcher for our rec league softball team.  This does funny things to my quads and hamstrings.  I will need to be diligent about proper stretching to make sure I don’t break something.

I’m looking forward to May.  Two races, more miles, and hopefully more fun.


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