Posted by: Drew | May 4, 2007

Another family race tomorrow

I just realized as I’m reading through some old posts, that I didn’t mention that tomorrow’s Cinco de Mayo Cuatro Miler would be the second installment of the family racing series.  Not only will WSM (again… see the About Page) be hitting the trail for a run, so will my Dad, wife, and my friend (Cletus) and his wife.  We’re taking over the world!

My final race strategy hasn’t been decided yet, but I’m planning as of right now on running the whole thing.  I will not be concentrating on beating other family members or friends, but rather on running a good race and keeping things under control.  This may mean 8:00 miles, or it may mean 9:15 miles.  I just don’t know yet.  But any way you shake it, I’m going to have fun and be smart.

Cinco de Mayo Cuatro Miler in 1 day, and Komen Race for the Cure in 15 days.



  1. Good job on your second 4 miler. Awesome time!

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