Posted by: Drew | April 23, 2007

Late evening run 4/23

After taking a few days rest to let minor (overuse) injuries heal, I was getting a little antsy this evening.  When I sat down to eat dinner, I decided to watch the rest of the Boston Marathon on the DVR.  That pushed me over the edge, and after laying around on the couch for an hour or so, I pulled on my running shoes, grabbed my iPod, and headed out.

The only “rule” I set for myself was this: go slow.  My normal pace lately has been right around 8:30/mile.  While this doesn’t tax me too much, it does require a bit of effort.  I wanted tonight to feel borderline easy.  So I went out at what felt like a pretty slow pace, and just made a point to enjoy the evening.

I knew I’d at least do the two-mile library there-and-back route I’ve done a few times before, but thought that if I felt okay I’d do more.  Before I got to the turnaround, I headed into my aunt’s neighborhood and ran past her house.  I figured this little detour would add about a quarter to half-mile.  No big deal.

As I came back up the main drag, I was still feeling pretty relaxed. So instead of turning back towards my house at the usual point, I carried it around the school system administration building a few blocks ahead and added that to the loop.

In all, I ended up going 2.91 miles in 28:00 minutes for a 9:38/mile pace.  Compared to my 3.66 mile run last week at an 8:47/mile pace, tonight’s run felt very good and easy.  I fought the urge in the last 200 yards to sprint like I usually do, and focused on the easiness of the run.  I am pleased with my efforts and I look forward to more runs like this.  Adding mileage will be too difficult at an 8:30 pace, but at 9:30 it will be easier to put more miles on without taxing too many systems at once.  This will become important as my runs progress beyond 3-4 miles.

Cinco de Mayo Cuatro Miler in  12 days, and Komen Race for the Cure in 26 days.



  1. Pancakes with Andy and Cheryl in 25 days! Oh, and running.

  2. Gotta run to get the pancakes.

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