Posted by: Drew | April 18, 2007

An actual run… inconceivable!

After unintentionally taking a week off from hitting the road, I ventured out of Equivita’s back door last night and had a nice 1.55 mile run through a nearby neighborhood.  My legs felt fine, but my lungs were a little off.  Despite the slight discomfort, it was hard to be disappointed while I was out there enjoying the gorgeous weather.  65 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

I’ve been worn down the last week or so.  Work has been more busy the last week, and I’ve had difficulty sleeping.  That, combined with the bad weather we’ve had, has kept me indoors and sedentary.  Not the best thing for me if I want to do well in the 4-miler rematch coming up on May 5th.

I’d been having a bit of right hamstring tightness Monday and Tuesday, but that dissolved (at least the overt throbbing) as the run started.  I was careful not to push too hard, as I didn’t want to aggravate that muscle if possible.  I’d also developed a dull ache just above my left knee on the outside.  This didn’t go away during the run, so we discussed it when I got back.  As it turns out, my lateralis (I learn something new every day) was extremely tight.  So we had to go through the tough process of warming up the muscle alternating with deep-tissue massage a few times to release the muscle.  I feel better today, but at the time (especially when I was getting poked and prodded) it was more than a little painful.


(The vestus lateralis is highlighted in red, here.  Imagine you’re facing the person and looking at their right leg.)

It feels better today, and as of right now the weather is still nice.  Perhaps I can get a couple of miles in today as well.

Cinco de Mayo Cuatro Miler in 17 days.

Komen Race for the Cure 5k in 31 days.


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