Posted by: Drew | April 2, 2007

March update

Here is the updated chart with March’s numbers (click to enlarge).

March chart


  • Goal: 25.5 miles
  • Actual: 25.0 miles (98%)

This month was darn close to on target as things stayed relatively consistent throughout the month.  As the days get warmer (in general) I’m sure this trend will continue.  I’m looking forward to my first 30-mile month.  Maybe April?



  1. Let me start your next post for you…Ahem…

    My friend and co-worker Emily received a Penguin medal and a complimentary blueberry bagel this weekend! She made record time (just under 4 hours) and could barely walk back to her car after the race! Yeah!

  2. Also…how long until I should walk/run again? Well, obviously I have to walk places. And do you think Cheryl is going to do the Komen race because I’d like to run/walk it with someone! Emphasis on walk.

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