Posted by: Drew | April 1, 2007

Tired from painting? Let’s go for a run!

After 20 hours of painting at Equivita this weekend, I was dead tired when I got home tonight at 6:00.  So I decided that rather than sit around and rest that I’d head out for a little run.

I didn’t feel like doing the Rails to Trails, and knew I was planning on doing about two miles.  So I headed down to one of the local middle school’s track.  A nice… squishy… track.

I wanted to concentrate on keeping a relatively even pace throughout, so I had my watch and was ready record lap times.  I thought I started a little fast, but it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle so I pushed through.  Here were the quarter mile times:

  1. 1:54
  2. 2:10
  3. 2:04
  4. 1:58
  5. 2:05
  6. 2:01
  7. 2:01
  8. 1:46

The last lap I started to pick up in the last 250 meters.  With 100 meters to go, a golden retreiver that was (probably supposed to be) running with his owner had decided that he was going to finish the sprint before me. 

Like hell I’m losing to a dog.  Every step I got faster… so did the dog!  But he wasn’t ready for the last 15 meters.  Yes, my goal today was an even pace but it changed at the last minute to beat a four-legged creature. 

Mission accomplished.  That dog didn’t know what hit him.  Two miles in 16:02 for an 8:01/mile pace.  New two-mile record for me, and not bad for not having much strength after a long weekend.

Might have another four-mile race coming up in a month or so.  More details coming.  See you out there.


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