Posted by: Drew | March 28, 2007

3/28: An evening shorty

I held off the sickness as long as I could this weekend, but on Sunday night it finally overtook me.  Monday was spent lying alternately in bed and on the couch (mostly in bed), and Tuesday was back to work.  My workout at Equivita was pretty good last night, even though I would much rather have been at home.

Today, I was itching to get back out there.  I wasn’t sure if it was going to start pouring rain at any moment, so I didn’t want to be out too long.  I’d also been thinking earlier in the day of lowering my mile time a little some time soon.  So I decided I’d do a relatively short run, and revisit the Scioto Glen there-and-back route I’d done a few times at the beginning of the year.  Basically, I run down to my brother’s house and back.  It’s 1.17 miles, which meant I could get it done quickly (in time to start dinner at a decent hour) and at a relatively hard pace.

I went out, and felt pretty good.  The wind was at my back, though of course I didn’t realize this until I turned around.  But I felt like the pace was comfortable for me.  When I got to the turnaround, the wind was in my face, but not cripplingly so.  I could see the finish line not with my eyes, but with my lungs.  I knew I could get darn close to besting my time on this short course.  So I picked it up.

On the way out, my time was 4:37.  On the way back, it was 4:28.  Only nine seconds off, but with the wind it felt like more (and the effort was considerably more).  That works out to a 7:46 mile pace.  Pretty good, and I definitely felt like I could have pushed a bit more.  Maybe soon.

I drove past our river flooded route yesterday, and things have subsided.  We’d both like to give that one another shot.  Maybe this or next weekend.

See you out there on the road!


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