Posted by: Drew | March 25, 2007

Today’s run

I’ll be doing this route by the river later today with Jerry. A nice little 5K for a Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully it stays this nice out.

Results later.


Wow, what an interesting run.  I neglected to think that with all the rain we’ve had lately, that the river might have overtaken our planned route.  So we did a little off-road trail running in addition to the asphalt.

It was warm, probably over 70, and sunny.  As we got going, we warmed up very quickly.  At about 0.5-0.6 miles, the trail goes from water level very quickly to about 20-30 feet above water level.  In other words, a steep hill.   I thought I handled it okay, but it seemed to take the wind out of Jerry’s sails.  And based on the heat, I thought it would be good to incorporate some walking.  In the end, we went with four walk breaks and finished in about 36 minutes.  Considering that both of us did our 5K in 34-35 minutes last year with no walking, it’s apparent that our fitness levels have improved.  I felt like I had plenty left in the tank, but wanted to run with Jerry and didn’t really feel like pushing it today.

Overall, a decent muddy run.  I’d like to run that course again when it’s not overrun by the mighty Scioto.


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