Posted by: Drew | March 18, 2007

Chilly Sunday run

My right hamstring feeling much better (strained it a bit earlier this week), I decided to head out for a run.  It was nice and sunny outside, and the weather station thing said it was 46.  Which apparently is code for: it’s really 41 or so, the pavement is hot from the sun which makes it seem hotter to your thermometer, and oh yeah… you should really see how windy it is before you leave the house.

The first 1.26 miles out to Cosgray Rd, the wind was right in my face.  I didn’t take my gloves with me, based on the appearance of warmness.  By the time I turned around to come back, I was quite chilly.  I ran the first leg in 10:52 (8:37/mile).  As soon as I turned around and got my face out of the wind, it seemed like the temperature raised ten degrees, and my hands thawed out.  Free from fighting against the wind, and driven by the desire to get in someplace warm, I finished the second leg in 10:35 (8:24/mile).  This made it a total of 21:27, 8:31/mile.  Looking back on last Saturday, I’m impressed with myself that I was able to hold that pace for the whole four miles.  I guess race day adrenaline is a powerful thing.

Thanks for stopping by, see you out there.


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