Posted by: Drew | March 14, 2007

M-T-W runs (three days in a row?!?)

After the BBO, I took a whole day off from any physical activity (other than eating like a pig, that is).  I found out that Jerry would be sans wife for Monday evening, as would I be.  We planned to do a run outside, as it was going to be a pretty nice day.

At 6:45 on Monday night, we met at the Rails to Trails in Hilliard, and I had planned a 2.5 mile run.  Running with Jerry was a good recovery from the race, as his pace is about 1:30-2:00 slower than my normal pace.  We did an out and back run, and finished in 25:32, a 10:08/mile pace .

I was hoping they’d take it easy on my legs at Equivita on Tuesday, and made sure to tell them that in addition to the race I did 2.52 miles yesterday.  I should have learned by now that mercy is not an understood concept at that place.  In addition to the mile I ran (using the usual 2 min walk / 2 min run intervals, in 11:48), we (and by “we” I mean “I”) did a bunch of legpress exercises.  Just over 21,000 lbs worth.  I was convinced for a good fifteen seconds that I may never walk again.  It passed, and we moved on to torture other muscles.

Tonight I got home and the 70 degree weather practically begged me to go running.  So I did, what a sucker.  I went back to the Rails to Trails route that Jerry and I did on Monday and ran it again, a little faster this time at 22:12.

You can see the R2T route here.

So far, I’m on pace for my biggest week yet.  March is already the biggest month this year, as I’ve logged just over 16 miles so far.

I picked up some race information from the Rails to Trails, and I’m still trying to decide if I want to do anything racewise between now and late May.  (I’m thinking yes)


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