Posted by: Drew | March 1, 2007

February update

I did a brief one-mile interval run at Equivita on Tuesday (before the leg-press carnage) in 10:36.  I will probably get in a good, slow run there tonight.  My legs are still quite sore from pressing almost 20,000 lbs each in about 10 minutes on Tuesday.  Good fun.

Here is the updated chart with February’s numbers (click to enlarge).

Feb chart


  • Goal: 23.0 miles
  • Actual: 14.9 miles (65%)

This month picked up a bit, but I’ll be the first to admit that the 3.5 mile run in the last Saturday of the month helped out tremendously.  Of course, there will be more and more of those in the weeks and months to come.  I’m still not worried about meeting my 300 mile goal for 2007.  And if I don’t make it… no big deal.  (But I’ll make it).

Beer Bottle Open in 9 days.


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