Posted by: Drew | February 24, 2007

Afternoon run 2/24

The missus and I headed out to the YMCA this afternoon to get some exercising done.  She walked on the treadmill, and I did my extended intervals.

I’m on a time crunch here, so the basics were this: 2 min walk @ 3.5 mph; 5 min run @ 7.2 mph.  I went 3.56 miles in 35:00.  I felt good afterwards.  There were slight aches in both achilles and in the back of my right knee, but nothing problematic.  When we got home, I iced both knees for 20 minutes, and as of right now (6:40) I feel very good.

I also had a run at Equivita on Tuesday (usual intervals there of 2 and 2), and went 1 mile in 11:53.  I put on a bit of mileage this week, and next week maybe a bit more.  I’m hoping to have a long run of 4+ miles this upcoming week to mentally prepare for the Beer Bottle Open on March 10th.  14 days!


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