Posted by: Drew | February 20, 2007

Evening run 2/19

I made a joke while leaving work yesterday that because it was above 32 degrees (for the second time in 25 days) I expected to see people going about town in shorts.  It was the same snarky comment I make every year in mid to late winter when the prolonged cold snap finally breaks.

Imagine my surprise as I found myself walking out the door at 7:45, heading to the YMCA to run… in shorts.

I haven’t been to the Y more than a handful of times since probably April.  Especially since I’ve been working out at Equivita, my use for the membership has been extremely diminished.  I talked to Cheryl the other night about cancelling my/our membership, and I think I still may do this.  It’s not worth it to me to spend the extra $20-60 per month for something I use maybe once per billing cycle.  That said, it was nice to have it available last night as most of the sidewalks around here are covered in snow and ice.

I modified the interval training (2 min run, 2 min walk) and upped the time a bit (from 10-12 minutes on average to 20).  I used a 2 min walk (@ 3.5 mph) and 5 min run (@ 7.0 mph) cycle.  The last run cycle was only 4 minutes, and I did the first two at 7.5 mph, next minute at 7.8, and the last at 8.0.  The shin pain I’ve been getting showed up a little at the ten minute mark, but did not progress from dull throbbing to excruciating.  That was a big relief.  The only form metric I really worried about for more than 30 seconds at a time was the strong core (transverse abdominals pulled in tight).  Everything else I let happen as my body wished.

The quick pace at the end took the run from easy to moderately difficult.  While I could not at this time run a full 5k race at a sub 7:30/mile pace, it’s nice to know I can do it for limited periods of time and not get side splits or labored breathing.  I also did the run with a new high energy iPod mix on the shuffle, and this helped the time pass quite easily.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep the Y membership active, but for last night at least it was helpful. 

18 days until the Beer Bottle Open.


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