Posted by: Drew | February 15, 2007

Late update on 2/12 run

Between the weather, birthdays, fender benders, and exquisite bouts of laziness… I didn’t update my run from Monday.  I hope my two readers didn’t bolt for the exit doors.

I’ve mentioned in recent posts that I’ve been frustrated with my current training plan, with interval and form focus.  I finally talked with my trainer about my issues, and we had a very good discussion.  I talked about my reluctance to give up “control” and concerns in submitting to someone else’s training plan.  She was very supportive of my worries, and through our discussion I realized that I was taking every word on form to be the gospel truth. 

I was trying to do 100 (exaggeration) new things all at the same time, for each second of every run.  She suggested that instead of trying to over-focus (that’s right, I’m not afraid to make up words), that I should break things down into more manageable chunks.  Instead of working on everything for each part of a run, I should pick one thing and do it for a specified time (30 seconds, etc.).  Certain things should be part of every run (proper posture, utilizing abdominals), but it’s not necessary to have an overly long stride (which I determined was a huge cause of my frustration and pain) 100% of the time.  So to sum up, I’ll still incorporate form checks into certain runs but more of the focus should be on having fun putting on the miles (while not getting hurt).

I feel better now.

Monday’s dreadmill run was a relatively short one.  Same routine as usual (2 min run, 2 min walk) for one mile.  I still got the same shin pain as I have for the last two weeks, but it didn’t hit until well after 10 minutes this time instead of the usual 6-7 minute mark.  This in itself was very encouraging. 

I’ll be doing another similar run tonight at Equivita.  The dreadmill crap really stinks, but I’m not up for running outdoors at this very moment.  Perhaps I’ll be able to get in a 2-3 miler in the next week or so.  After all, I’ve got the 4-mile Beer Bottle Open coming up in only 23 days.

See you on the road (or pounding the belt on the dreadmill… whatever).




  1. No bolting here. I still check your blog every day looking for a new Dave Berryesque posting. (you are not the only one who can make up words)I ran last night in the snow which in spots was a bit like running in sand, but mostly it was packed down. I had trouble breathing. I don’t know if it was from being tired or the zero wind chill. Tonight, I just don’t feel motivated. I know I could go, it’s not that windy, but still the w/c is 1 degree. Wow, a heat wave. I circled the neighborhood in the truck coming home from work and there are still some deeper snowy spots. Maybe tomorrow it will be better.

    I hope your shin pain goes away. That doesn’t sound like fun.

    Waddle on
    (sign off stolen from “The Peguin” who writes for Runner’s World.)

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