Posted by: Drew | February 6, 2007

January goal review

In my 2007 goals page, you can see that I have a goal to run 300 miles this year.  So how’d I do in month one?  For the purposes of comparison, I’m simply dividing the number of days YTD each month by the total goal miles to get the ‘pace’.  This will be compared to actual YTD mileage.


  • Goal: 25.5 miles
  • Actual: 14.9 miles (58%)

 200 chart thru Jan

(Click the thumbnail picture to make it readable)

It’s early, and there’s plenty of time to pick that up.  I know a few things will get me back on track.  First will be growing the current (blasted) training plan to more than what I’m at now.  I’m not worried about that.  The second will be warmer weather.  I’m not worried about that either.  The other main factor that should focus my running, impending races.  Longer races (half marathons and 10K’s) will require more training mileage.

February is already off to a good start.  Check back at the end of each month to review the stats.


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