Posted by: Drew | February 6, 2007

Afternoon run 2/4

I finally got to do a training run with someone.  My buddy Weasel came over Sunday while our wives went out shopping.  He mentioned that he wasn’t afraid of the cold, so we went out for a two mile jog.  Having him out there with me confirmed that a 9:30 mile pace was a good easy run pace, as I was able to hold conversation just fine.  (I’d try it on my own, but people already think I’m crazy for running in the extreme cold, I don’t need to start talking to myself to prove them right!)

We ran the course I ran a few weeks ago, to the library and back.  The sidewalks were clear of snow and ice, but it was a bit windy (10-15 mph) to go with the 4 degree temperature.  According to my wind chill chart, that is about 15 below.  It took over a mile for my fingers to acclimate, but in the end it all felt pretty darn good.

When I told my trainer about my Sunday run, I got the evil eye.  I’m not sure if it was because I ignored the training plan, or because I went out the day after having some back spasms.  But it felt good to get out there and get some blood flow through my body.  I’m choosing to believe it helped the recovery process.  Today (Tuesday) I feel almost back to normal, we’ll call it 92%.

I’ll probably have a light run at Equivita on Wednesday and then a return to my Thursday and Saturday runs.  See you on the trails!


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