Posted by: Drew | February 1, 2007

After work run 2/1

It was bitterly cold, but I decided I’d rather run outside and enjoy the sounds of winter than go to the YMCA or Equivita and pound that damned treadmill again.  As it turns out, it was well worth it.

I went down to the elementary school track near our house, and did my 2 minute run / 2 minute walk repeats there.  My footfalls were unbelievably quiet for the first two repeats, and started getting a bit heavier for the next three.  But because it was outside, it wasn’t as pronounced as it is indoors at Equivita (“Did somebody let a horse loose on the treadmill?!?”)  I still made the effort to run with good form and a longer stride, though I know that these solo sessions without a mirror do not compare to the scrutiny I can give myself at Equivita.

All that said, pretty good run.  I went 1.47 miles (7 laps) in 19:30.  I’ll do another of the same cycle on Saturday.  Though from the sounds of the weather for the weekend, I may be forced into a dreadmill session.

Until then… thanks for stopping by!


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