Posted by: Drew | January 31, 2007

Week update 1/31

I discussed my concerns with my trainer on Monday, and we talked a bit about pain, progress, and goals.  I’ll stick with their training plan for now (today wasn’t nearly as bad as Monday for the same distances), but I have some thinking to do as far as how I want to approach running.

Monday and today I did a mile each, running two minutes and walking two minutes.  Running pace was 7.2 mph on Monday and 6.6 mph today.  We talked about the link between speed, stride length, and the pain I’m getting in my shins.  My progress today was encouraging, and I’ll look for more tomorrow and Saturday.

Not much else to report at this time.  It’s cold… very cold.  Hopefully soon the temperature will begin to rise to a more tolerable level.  Not only is it hard to run outside right now (not to mention the snow and ice), it has been hard to walk from the truck to the front door at work.  Brrr…

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m sure I’ll talk to most of you soon.


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