Posted by: Drew | January 29, 2007

Ugh… I need to put last week behind me

Running goals aside, last week was pretty darn good.  I got some things cleaned up around the house, and in general it was a satisfying week.

But when I look at my plans for doing some running, last week was a bust.

Sunday, just a little over a mile due to exessive snow cover on sidewalks.  I had planned on two miles, but I had a bit of straining in my right achilles and didn’t feel like pushing it.

Monday, about a mile and a half at Equivita on the treadmill and the introduction of a new training plan.  The speed workouts are okay, but I need to talk with my trainer today to discuss a little more flexibility in the training plan.

Wednesday at Equivita we exhausted my legs doing the leg press and I didn’t recover until Saturday.  By then, freezing temperatures and a bout of lazy-itis kept me inside.  And yesterday (Sunday) was a predetermined rest day (they don’t want me running the day before a workout).

I enjoy (or thrive, I am my father’s son) a set routine to follow.  But based on the parameters that have been set for me, I’m forced into too tight of a box. 

  1. No running the day before an Equivita workout
  2. No running two days in a row

This limits me to Monday (at Equivita), Thursday and Saturday.  That’s fine if nothing odd happens.  But last week, I couldn’t go on Thursday because of what we did on Wednesday.  The lack of flexibility was a bit off putting.

I’ll discuss this tonight with my trainer, and see about being a little more lenient with the schedule or perhaps not worrying so much about the running with them.  If it’s not fun, I won’t want to do it.

And last week wasn’t fun.


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