Posted by: Drew | January 21, 2007

Mid-day run 1/21 and a site update

As planned, I rested Friday and yesterday from running.  My quads and hamstrings felt sore in a good way on Friday, as I knew that the microtears in the muscle tissue were building back up for more work.

When I got up this morning, I opened my eyes and noticed that the light in the bedroom seemed a little different than it usually does.  When I looked outside, I figured out it was because a bit of snow had fallen overnight and was still coming down pretty steadily.  Was I going to cancel my planned run?  Heck no.  By 1 PM I had convinced myself to go.

I started out with the intention of running the same route as Thursday, all the way to the library.  But after I got up the hill across the street from Iacono’s, I knew it probably wouldn’t be the best idea for me to try that.  Most folks hadn’t shoveled their walks (including the city), and running in snow is somewhat comparable to running on a beach.  The muscles I was using to plow (slowly) through the snow were much different than what I’m used to.  So I turned up into the municipal building service drive and then turned around to return home.  You can view the whole course by clicking here.

The final mileage turned out to be 1.26 miles.  I recorded my split time at the halfway mark:

  • 6:59.41
  • 7:29.46

So the mile pace was 11:29 for a total of 14:28.  It was cold at 26 degrees, and a little windy.  With the wind chill, it felt like 15.  If you know me, you know I hate cold weather.  That said, I’m having a little trouble figuring out why I haven’t seemed to mind running outside so far this winter.

New online log

After further research, I have moved my running log from Cool Running to a site called Running Ahead.  Cool Running’s log was good, but not the easiest to set up and the graphs you could view were difficult to find and use.  Running Ahead’s log is easy to set-up, input information, and there are graphs on the main page.  I changed the link on the sidebar.  Check it out if you like.

Equivita tomorrow, then hopefully another run (maybe inside if it’s still snowy?) on Tuesday.



  1. Good for you running in the snow!!! It’s a bit different huh? I went out around 4:00. Our streets were a mix of slush, snow & some ice. I can feel myself tense up when I run in these conditions. What is funny is that I notice many times that I can run three miles in this kind of weather and not slip one time. Then, in the two tenth of a mile walk home I will slip two or three times. I don’t quite get why it is easier to run that walk in the snow/ice. I think you don’t notice the cold because you are on a mission and have a goat (or a goal, that was so funny, I had to leave it in) to achieve and know how good you will feel when done. At least that helps me fight the cold. I still can’t keep negative thoughts out of my head at times though. Keep up the good work. You didn’t get those new shoes dirty did you?

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