Posted by: Drew | January 18, 2007

After work run 1/18

I was going to put this off until tomorrow, but I’ve got an after work thing tomorrow and I still haven’t convinced myself to get up early and run in the morning before work.  I think in the long-term, I’m going to shoot for morning running.  I’m hopeful that it would do a few things for me:

  • Put me in a better mood for the day.  I’m not nearly as grumpy in the morning as I used to be, but I usually feel pretty darn fantastic after even a one mile run.  That would be nice to share with the world.  Or nice of me, I guess.
  • It would enable me to see a sunrise for the first time in I don’t know how long.
  • It would actually make me hungry for breakfast.  Cereal and such are things easily skipped by me in the morning, but working up an appetite would do good things for starting the day off in a healthy way.
  • As the days get longer, evenings will be extremely warm and taken up by softball.  Finding time for running will be a little more difficult and the mornings could be perfectly suited for a cooler run.

As for now, however, nighttime it is.  So tonight I decided I’d try a new route, one with a hill.  I started off the same as Tuesday, going west on Scioto Darby and north on Luxair.  But instead of looping through the Luxair subdivision, I went to Cemetery Rd and went east.  I went as far as the library, which is one mile, and returned.  Right near Iacono’s there is the viaduct with a nice little hill.  It wasn’t too taxing, but it was nice to have a little elevation change for once.  Different muscles were defnitely in use.  You can see the route here.
Per the suggestions of WSM/SBG and Jess (my trainer at Equivita), I worried less about speed and concentrated solely on getting in the distance and on running with great form.  The first mile felt painfully slow, but I turned around at the library at the 9:29.11 mark.  I tried to keep the same pace on the way back.  The last two hundred yards or so I put a little kick into my step (but not sprinting or anything), and my second mile time was 9:30.73.  I think the hill was a little more taxing on the way back, which is why I didn’t see any time drop on the way back.  But it felt good to use the quick and long strides at the end.

I’ll probably be resting the next two days in preparation for a little more distance on Sunday.  I’ve got a schedule worked out for the next five or six weeks leading up to the Beer Bottle Open in Columbus Grove.  It’s a four mile race in the town where I grew up.  Also running the race will be WSM/SBG.  It should be a great time.  I sent my registration in today, so I’m committed to running it now.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I’m sure you’ll hear back from me soon.


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