Posted by: Drew | January 17, 2007

Applying proper focus

After being casually reminded of my goals last night, I got to thinking.  Here’s a little recap of my conversation with myself.

“Remember what your ultimate running goals are for 2007?”

“Well… yeah.  300 miles for the year and the half-marathon in October.”

“Okay, about that second one… how long is that again?”

“13.1 miles.”

“And what’s the farthest you’ve ever run without stopping and/or walking?”

“That would be 3.1 miles, eight months ago.  And my two miles last night was the most since then.”

“So maybe you should start working up a plan to slowly increase mileage and not worry so much about how fast you’re going.  It doesn’t matter if you can run a sub-8:00 mile if you can only do it twice.”

“Damnit, I hate logic.”

I’ve been telling myself (and Jerry) for a few weeks that I’m going to lay out a training plan for increasing mileage.  I’ll put it all on paper (or Excel sheet, whatever) so I can safely and efficiently work my way up the ladder.  There are two problems with that idea right now.

First, I simply haven’t done it.  No excuses will be made, I’ve just been lazy.  Secondly, I know that any mileage beyond two or three is going to require outdoor running.  The treadmills at the Y have a 30 minute time limit, and as I noticed last night it’s a little cold outside.  Perhaps the subconscious motivation is lacking a bit there.

So, here’s the deal.  Tonight, I’ll start the master plan.  I’ll try to map out this week through the beginning of March (to the first scheduled race).  Based on all the good data I can find for scheduling runs with the intent on performing in races, I’ll try to come up with a good, safe plan.  And I’ll stick to it.

I’ll still record run times (with splits as applicable) to satisfy my curiosity.  But if this becomes a mental obstacle, I’ll cut the cord and run without a watch.

Keep applying the peer pressure.  It may be the only thing that can keep the angel/devil on my shoulder in check!

Stop back soon!


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