Posted by: Drew | January 16, 2007

After work run 1/16

Car troubles prevented me from getting to Equivita yesterday, so I decided that when I got home today I’d map out a new route near home and up my mileage ever so slightly.  I hopped on Gmap Pedometer and tracked a simple loop course around the Luxair subdivision across the street from house (see the route here).  I memorized the mile markers so I knew where to record my splits (course totaled two miles), and off I went.

Hoe… Lee… Crap.  I looked on our weather station thing at home and saw that it was 25 degrees outside, but for some reason it didn’t register to me immediately that this would be a COLD run.  And the wind outside, geesh!  With the wind chill it felt like 13.  So, yeah… it was cold.

I focused the first mile on keeping things relatively slow, and maintaining good form.  In the second mile, I wanted to kick up the speed a little bit and lengthen my stride as recommended by my trainer at Equivita.  Given the extreme temperatures and the fact that I hadn’t run two miles straight since May (not that it’s a huge jump physically, but mentally it was a bit of one right now), I was sure the second mile would suck.

With Boston, Pearl Jam, and the Foo Fighters armed in the iPod, the first mile didn’t seem too bad.  The sidewalks aren’t as good on this course as they are on my side of Scioto Darby, but I kept my eyes peeled for uneven surfaces which isn’t an easy feat when it’s mostly dark outside.

Rounding the final corner of mile one, I could feel my body wanting to say that one mile is enough.  Let’s go home and start dinner.  Whoever was sitting on my other shoulder (angel or devil, I’m not sure) called my body a sissy.  I lengthened my stride a bit, and the pace picked up a little.  On the final street of the second mile (which is about a half mile) I really focused on even longer strides and keeping my upper body loose but level.  The pace picked up here quite a bit, and for each side street I crossed (check the map if you really want to know what I’m talking about) I pushed harder.

By this time I really wasn’t noticing the cold.  I guess the effort was overriding the cold.  WSM/SBG (check the About page for this definition) says that once you get going it feels roughly 20 degrees warmer than it really is.  I can verify that this is true, as it certainly didn’t feel 25 (or 13, whichever you prefer).  I was warmer without a doubt.  I clocked the watch out at mile marker number two, and walked home.

Here are the split times for this run:

  1. 9:08.29
  2. 8:11.53

So I really didn’t shave too much off the second mile, but the perceived level of exertion was definitely there and it was tangible (0:57 is nothing to sneeze at).

Hopefully I won’t have to run too much tomorrow in my workout.  But if I do, at least I know it will be inside instead of in the elements like tonight.

Update 2/15: I’ve changed my stance on taking 0:57 off a second mile.  I’ve not decided that this is pretty wicked (insert Bostonian Southie accent as desired), and I’m proud of it.



  1. Good Job Andy! While I was out running tonight, I wondered if you were also and how you liked the weather. You are at the distance now where you do warm up. Does your pt at Equivita give you running advice besides on your form? It seems to me (here it comes) that you should not worry about your speed as much as your distance. Long slow miles build endurance. (I read that in Runner’s World). I think you should concentrate first on slowly building your distance and not worry about speed. Once you can run four comfortable miles, then speed it up some. You don’t want to get hurt during training. I know you want to beat me on 3/10 (which shouldn’t be hard) but I don’t want you to keel over in the process. Your dad tried to kill you once (I DID NOT,IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, signed Dad), I don’t want to be the next to attempt it.
    Running should be fun, that is why I thought we could do the CG race since we both used to live there, for fun. I am sure that you will be properly conditioned by then to beat my butt, then buy me a beverage. Keep up the good work, just relax a bit.

  2. Good point. I really haven’t laid out the plan for getting into the racing circuit. The main reason I’m recording mile times is… well… because I can I guess. My focus for the next many weeks will be slowly upping overall mileage. I’m not too worried about times, but they’re recorded so I can see where I’ve been and what I can work on.

    My first mile today felt good and slow, by my standards. I guess my adjectives used to describe the run may have leaned towards describing a performance based goal, but that’s not entirely the case.

    I’ll certainly work on getting the miles up there, and then add speed later. Running is fun, but sometimes I have to add mini-goals like improving speed mile after mile in the winter months to keep going. I’m still working over the mental hurdles of running in the cold.

    I’ll keep your thoughts in mind, as it looks like tomorrow or Thursday will be another running in cold day.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I didn’t say not to use your watch. I never go running without mine. I have to record every split time along with temp, wind, humidity and wind chill in my log book. That is because I am anal. I really can’t tell how I am doing without checking my time. I have some training guides I downloaded when I ran the Indy half marathon. I will look them up and forward to you. It is good reference material.
    Waddle on

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