Posted by: Drew | January 14, 2007

Wet run 1/14/07

I wanted to run yesterday.  But lack of time combined with the fact that the rain we had on Friday flooded my usual sidewalk route had me decide to wait until today.

Who knew that today would be another rainy day?  Not me, that’s evident enough.  I waited until I could no longer see raindrops in the puddles on my driveway or on the street.  Then I got dressed and decided I’d run at the track at a nearby elementary school.  I wasn’t sure how long the track was, but I figured I’d get that info when I got back home from the trusty Gmap Pedometer (it’s 0.21 miles around).  I walked out my back door, and wouldn’t you know it: invisible rain!  I decided I was all ready to go, so why not suffer for 15 minutes or so.

I walked down to the track and decided I’d run four laps and try to do each a little faster than the first.  It was miserable and cold and wet, but here are the split times for each lap:

  1. 1:41.65
  2. 1:44.10
  3. 1:42.32
  4. 1:30.49

Total time was 6:38.56, which equates to a mile pace of about 7:48.  My fastest mile in the last three months was 7:37 and I felt awful after that one.  Today, I was okay after the four laps and felt that I could have probably done one more at that final lap pace.  I know it wasn’t a full mile, so I’m not overly excited.  But it was not too bad, and it’s definitely a step forward.

I’ll be at Equivita tomorrow, so if I get anything in it will probably be a half mile or so.


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