Posted by: Drew | January 11, 2007

Evening run 1/11/07

I got home from work and was ready to run.   The iPod was ready with plenty of high energy stuff, I got dressed and headed out.

It was cooler than earlier today, but still relatively comfortable.  I decided on a 1.79 mile run.  Starting at my corner, down to the entrance to Shane’s subdivision, back towards my house and then around my block.  Click here to see the full route.

I’m on the upswing recovering from a cold, so I probably pushed a little more than necessary tonight.  But I felt okay, and without a treadmill telling me how fast I’m going, I usually just go with what feels good.  I checked my split time at one mile, and it was 8:15.  That was the fastest mile (first or otherwise) I’d done in a few months, and I still felt okay.  As I got back on my street with about three or four tenths to go, I felt a bit winded.  But I concentrated on lengthening my stride, keeping each leg in it’s own plane, and trying to use all the muscles in my leg instead of just hamstrings.  My finish time at 1.79 miles was 14:51.  So the last 8/10ths was on mile pace for 8:21.

I don’t think at this time that I could sustain that pace for a full 3.1 miles, but I know it’s achieveable going forward.  That would put me at around 25 minutes for a 5k race.  Plenty better than than the 33:58 I ran in May, so I’m excited about that.


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